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As part of our ongoing commitment to excellent customer services, we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions with their accompanying answers. If you’re looking for additional information - get in touch today.

Do you require a subscription? Do you require a minimum order?

No! Unlike a lot of other ready to eat meal companies, we do not require you to sign on for a subscription or membership. We know you’ll be back again because our food is pretty tasty ☺ We do require a minimum of 1 order which consists of 5 different meals at $12 per meal. If a particular meal has wild fish, that meal is $14. However, if you wish to not purchase 5 meals, you can go into our partner locations and buy however number of meals you wish. We are continuously growing our partner locations so keep checking back on our website to find a location near you or just contact us.

Are Dishin’ Nutrition meals considered low sodium?

The American Heart Association suggest a 2,300mg sodium limit spread across a 3-meals per day; this means that breakfast, lunch and dinner on any given day will stick to under 2,300mg of sodium. However, the meals for Dishin’ Nutrition shoot to be under 600mg of sodium per meal, so we are under the American Heart Association’s sodium suggestion.

Do your meals contain any added sugar?

No! We do not add any sugar to our meals, any sugar that are in our meals come from primarily from dates, fruits, or the natural sugar from the food itself.

Where can I find nutritional information on your meals?

Nutritional information for each meal served in a given week is available on our menu page including each meals nutritional benefits. You will also find the nutritional information on the nutritional label on the bottom of your meal. You will Simply click on the photo to read the ingredients and nutrition information. Nutritional info is posted by the Thursday night prior to the upcoming week.

Is your food organic? Sourced locally & sustainably?

Dishin’ Nutrition maintains a commitment to offering organic (whenever possible), local and sustainable products. Through farmer's markets and sourcing with intention, we seek out and develop relationships with only local purveyors and farms who share our commitment to promoting individual health and a healthy environment

What Is your food Philosophy? How are your meals designed?

We believe in a well-rounded approach to nutrition. We’re not strictly vegans, vegetarians, paleo, Keto, gluten-free or raw foodies. We don’t believe in extremes. We believe in moderation & balance, in simple, clean, whole foods made with loving hands and seasonal ingredients.

When creating our meals, we take into consideration the American Dietary Guidelines, but here at Dishin' Nutrition, we take it a step further by ensuring that the majority of our meals are lower in sodium, low fat and low sugar. We also pride ourselves in using no preservatives.

We believe in the power of plants, and in eating the rainbow. Our meals are well balanced with Protein, vegetables, and complex carbs. The fruits and vegetables we serve are packed with nutrients; phytochemicals & antioxidants sourced seasonally from local farms to ensure only the freshest, most nutrient-dense ingredients make it to your plate. We love healthy fats (from sources like avocados, nuts & seeds) and small portions of protein-rich, nutrient-dense grains (e.g. quinoa, amaranth) to help keep you satiated, energized, and glowing throughout the day.

What results can I expect from eating Dishin’ Nutrition? Will I lose weight?

Our food is designed to help you reach your optimal weight, increase your energy levels, reduce bloat, improve digestion, and boost mental focus. Individual results depend on your regular diet outside of Dishin’ Nutrition, how much weight you have to lose (or need to gain), and your level of physical activity, among other factors. Given that most of our meals are between 400-600 calories, some individuals who eat only Dishin’ Nutrition meals may lose weight but we also promote our clients to have healthy snacks in between meals to maintain their weight or active lifestyle.

Is your food packaging recyclable?

YES! All of our packaging products are 100% biodegradable and are certified compostable and made from plant fibers. Our packaging is both freezer and microwave safe, and also supports the sustainability of our environment.

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