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The mission of Dishin' Nutrition is to provide a well-rounded approach to nutrition. We believe in the power of whole foods and the importance of consuming a rainbow of plant foods rich in minerals, phytochemicals, and antioxidants as part of a healthy preventative diet.

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Lunches & Dinners: 

An average of 400-550 calories. Organic and locally sourced ingredients used, when possible. 4 ounce serving of a lean protein.  4 ounces of fruits/vegetables and a complex carbohydrate.

Sustainable Sourcing:

We partner with local farmers and producers who support sustainable farm practices and promote environmental stewardship.  By sourcing locally, we lower the global impact of air pollution and food emissions caused by our current mainstream food system.
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Dishin’ Nutrition is partnered with a local sustainable packaging company.  All meals are packaged in renewable plant-based materials like wheat straw fiber, sugarcane and corn which are biodegradable.

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Our commitment to high quality grab and go cooked healthy meals will allow you to live by the motto "Let Thy Health, Be Thy Wealth"

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